Journal of Xi 'an Polytechnic University, a comprehensive academic periodical sponsored by Xi 'an Polytechnic University and superintended by Education Department of Shaanxi Province, started its publication in 1986, issued both at home and abroad. It is bimonthly published since 2006. Its National Serial Number is CN 61-1471/N, International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1674-649X. It was renamed from Journal of Xi 'an University of Engineering Science and Technology in 2008. Professor Yao Mu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the honorary president of Xi 'an Polytechnic University, serves as editor in chief.
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[LIU Kexin, ZHANG Dekun]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](18)[PDF:1256KB] (18)
[LIU Zaofang,ZHANG Dekun,ZHANG Xing,JIA Fang]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](16)[PDF:1385KB] (16)
[WANG Caiying,BEN Deping,GUO Xiaoling]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](10)[PDF:1992KB] (10)
[SUN Yanli,ZHOU Jie]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](17)[PDF:1655KB] (17)
[FAN Yan, LI Ru, LI Qiuyi, ZHANG Qi]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](12)[PDF:1059KB] (12)
[OU Er, WANG Liming, GUO Yani, SUN Wen, LI Shuqi, MA Manli]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](14)[PDF:1309KB] (14)
[ZHANG Qi, LI Ru, LI Qiuyi, FAN Yan, LI Feiyang]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](9)[PDF:1088KB] (9)
[WANG Yiwen,TAN Zhihai,LIAO Bing,HUANG Qiu]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](6)[PDF:1328KB] (6)
[LEI Mengna, HUANG Xiang, WU Yichuang, WANG Wenbo, CHU Junjie]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](8)[PDF:1220KB] (8)
[DONG Yuwen,WANG Xiaohua,ZHANG Senyu,LI Qi,YE Haojie]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](7)[PDF:3384KB] (7)
[QIN Ruimin, XIA Jingde, LUO Jinyu,QIAN Huifang,YUAN Yubao,LIU Huanqing]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](7)[PDF:1063KB] (7)
[FENG Jie, SHAO Wenquan, ZHOU Ning, XIA Jingde]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](9)[PDF:1037KB] (9)
[CHEN Minglong1,WANG Xinlong1,SU Fang1,LING Leshu2, DONG Yude1]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](7)[PDF:3651KB] (7)
[LI Xiaoxing, CHEN Jinguang, MA Lili, WANG Mingming, WANG Wei]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](13)[PDF:3722KB] (13)
[FAN Di, JIN Shoufeng, CHEN Rong, GAO Lei]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](12)[PDF:2544KB] (12)
[ZHAO Yong, CHEN Liang, CHAO Pingyao]
2018 第1期 [Abstract](7)[PDF:1032KB] (7)
Journal of Xi'an Polytechnic University

(原《西安工程科技学院学报》) (1986年创刊 双月刊)
Superintended by:
Education Department of shaanxi Province
Sponsored by:
Xi'an Polytechnic University
Yao Mu
Edited & Published by:
Editorial Department of Journal of XPU
19 Jinhua South Road, Xi'an 710048,P,R.China
ISSN 1674-649X
   CN 61-1471/N
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